Its time to wake up now to the real world.

You have been living in a dream world. It’s a world that is based upon the few gaining at the expense of the many. It has always been this way, but it is based upon lies, deceptions and deceits that are intended to keep you a sleep. It is a monster that was created at the dawn of time, and still exists today. It is the body that has many faces, but each face is designed to not only take away the freedoms and rights that God has intended you to have, but is meant to waste your lives, and the life’s of your children for the enrichment of the few.  You have allowed this to exist.I do not believe in violence unless I am attacked. I do not believe in telling another person how they should live their lives, what they should or should not wear, I do not tell people what they should believe, but I only question why they believe what they do. Where does it come from? Who does it benefit?  And is it based upon a reality, or a fear given to them by some one that they believed knew what they were talking about. I can honestly say to you right now that NO ONE has told you the truth ever in your lives. That your behaviors to each other and yourselves are based upon beliefs that are not only untrue, but are designed to lull you to sleep so that great crimes can be committed in your name.The very first thing to awaken to is that every elected official is a servant in YOUR HOUSE. They are not the masters of the house. You are!  A servant is intended to sacrifice his life for a service to others. That is the nature of service that for you Christians, is the life of Jesus Christ. That is also true of the nature of Buddha. For you that are Jewish, that is the life of Mosses.   The common theme in service that is represented by these esteemed people in history is that they were not seeking power, or wealth, or influence, or legacy. They were not millionaires, they were not looking for every sound bite, they were not worried about their party or its endorsement, and they did not have to sell their souls to raise money so that they can achieve power.There is a lesson in this. If a person is seeking to be elected to office what are their real motives. They are clearly not service or they would not seek office. To seek power is not to serve, but to be served. To seek wealth is not to serve, but to be served. To seek influence is not to serve, but to be served. To seek legacy, is again selfish and to seek something other than to serve.   So, no one in power today, and no one seeking power is truly there to be of service to you, the masters of the house, but instead they are there to be served. That is why they have all sacrificed their beliefs to stay in power.  That it why it is only logical that they must keep you a sleep through lies deceit and corruption to gain what THEY what. Not what is good for the master of the house.The esteemed people of the past that we rever so much knew this slippery slope. That is why they lived the lives in which they did. We place great value upon them, and yet we do not apply that same lesson that they have taught us, to our own servants. Why? Who has taught you that you should not apply the same standards upon your servants?  Is it not true that the servants themselves have taught you that?The only way that a true servant can ever be of real service to you, is that he or she must be inscripted by you.  A wise man or woman is not going to seek a position of power, they are to wise for that and know its consequence to their souls. And the foolish man or woman does seek power of office, because they are too foolish to understand the risks to their own souls. Who do you want to be your servant? The wise one or the fool?     Think this trough to all that you see, and you will see that the servants walk away from the table at the end, and leave you and your children with the tab to pay.


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